About Aron Turk

On a daily basis I meet many people whose dreams and goals lay dormant.  When I ask them why, the reason most often given is that they don't know where to start.  In today's technologically advanced environment, people have access to more information than the most experienced professionals had 50 years ago.  So why don't people act?

The reason, I believe, is that humans are socially-based and want direction and assurance from a professional who is knowledgeable and cares about their concerns and goals.  A computer may accurately quote the average returns of the stock market, but can't provide a personal relationship or create a customized personal plan.

Seeing my grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia drove me to enter the financial planning industry in October 2013.  I saw the devastating financial and emotional consequences of those diseases and I wanted to help save families from such repercussions.  My grandmother's experience was heart-breaking:  a proud, intelligent, self-sufficient woman having to rely on other people to take care of her.  And this was even with a plan that had been put in place intending to mitigate the family's burden!  

Although my initial passion was long-term-care planning, as my business developed I became aware of the devastation befalling families with inadequate or improper planning.  I am passionate about building customized plans for individuals to help protect their golden years and I am licensed to help people plan their life milestones.  I get incredible satisfaction from the meaningful relationships I have developed with my clients.

I invite you to join my burgeoning financial planning family.